• plumbers-piping-outside

    Different types of plumbing pipes

    By / September 14, 2016 / Interior, Outdoors

    You may not know which type of plumbing pipes can be used in your home. It is of utmost necessity that you are fully aware of what kinds of plumbing have gone into the system so that if anything was to go wrong, you can have a clear understanding of things and be able to… [read more]

  • funky-wallpaper

    Planning to Buy Pricy Artworks? – Various Prints for your Home

    By / August 3, 2016 / Art, Interior

    Canvas prints are a great wall décor that majorities of homeowners choose to include in their interior designing plan. You might be inspired by a print that you saw, while dining at your favourite restaurant. Or, you might have seen it in a home décor magazine and think of having some in your home as… [read more]

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