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Canvas prints are a great wall décor that majorities of homeowners choose to include in their interior designing plan. You might be inspired by a print that you saw, while dining at your favourite restaurant. Or, you might have seen it in a home décor magazine and think of having some in your home as well. So, the next step would be researching about it and finding places to purchase it from. While there are many designs, patters, abstract or images available, you might want something unique. Therefore, you start designing your own or you hire an artist to draw an innovative theme to get it printed in the canvas. There are many art galleries where you could purchase it from, which range in dimensions, themes and cost.

Do you want paintings that are sold through online galleries, artists, artwork vendors, etc.? Or, are you thinking of getting your unique and personal design printed? What type of design or style could you find your inspiration? Which area of the house is it suitable as a wall décor? Moreover, this is a suitable wall décor than spending thousands on other items. With that said, here are some suggestions that you could consider to print on the canvas:

  • Hill country and valleys

You might be an individual who loves the hill countries or countryside. Therefore, you could choose a unique design that portraits the mountain ranges, valleys, nature trails, waterfalls and so on. If you’re a nature lover and you’re house interior is of this theme, this would be most suitable for your home.

Family portrait

On the other hand, other than limiting the family moment to photo albums, you could get various family portraits printed on canvas art prints Melbourne. This is a great way of showing off special moments your family shared. Moreover, it’s more meaningful and can be cherished for as long as you can.


If you’re thinking of simplicity and elegance, you could choose canvases with pastel hued colours. You could add some simple or intricate patterns to the background. In fact, you could do-it-yourself, with various patterns that you could find in your home.

  • Abstract patterns

If you’re looking for a more modern work of art for canvas art prints Melbourne, consider abstracts. If you’re house is set in a modern style, artwork with this theme would be a great choice. You could use tribal designs, shapes, things, stick figures and so on. You could play with contrasting colours to enhance the appeal of the print, as well.

Were you inspired by these suggestions? Do, you want to learn about other patterns and recommendations that match your interior? Spare a few minutes to visit online home décor website for more ideas. As a fact, you would be able to mix and match between designs and create your own unique canvas print for your home.

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