Tips for Pruning your trees for a better look

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For those who love gardening, having a line of trees to mark the edge of your property to create a perfect picnic spot is a must have. Whether they are evergreens, fruits or flowering trees, having grown trees can add a touch of elegance and natural charm to any house and also create shade for the hot summer days. But like any other plant, trees need taking care of when they are planted in houses; especially when dealing with branches that grow big. So here are some tips on pruning your trees when the season comes along.

Usually pruning is done during the time the tree growth goes into a sort of hibernation like dormant state so that Spring comes there would be a burst of new growth to cover the ‘wounds’ of the tree. So this dormant state is considered to be when the harsh times of winter has passed and when late winter/ early spring mesh together and ice starts to melt and before any new buds have arrived.

Tip #1

Spring pruning is the best as advised by professional arborists and make sure to keep a 9m skips Geelong for the branches to be taken to the trash dump. Some species like walnut and birch trees start their ‘bleeding’ period where they produce sap which marks post-pruning. The sap creates a sort of cover until new growth occurs at the area of the cut.

Tip #2

You can actually prune in the summer too. Summer pruning are done in order to direct the growth of the tree towards a side of your preference and to slow down growth by cutting branches that will not grow soon after. You can make your tree on a certain height by doing summer pruning if you do not want a tall tree. By reducing the number of leaves, the tree gets less food to the roots to spread and direct growth on the top. You can use summer time to also cut off defective and weird limbs of the tree and correct the posture of the tree.

Tip #3

It is recommended not to take your pruning shears out in fall as this is the season for fungi and pests to go around circling trees to nest in. Fungi spread pores during this season and if you cut the trees these spores will end up inside the tree and rot it from the inside. So you can return the 9m skips Geelong you took out during this time.

When cutting out branches, make sure to figure out which branches should be taken out so as not to unbalance the tree as it will end up making your tree topple over in long term.

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