Tips to secure your balcony and deck area

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Home safety has become one of the major concerns especially when there are kids around at home. Many people lose their lives or get seriously injured on a regular basis by falling from windows, balconies and decks. There are instances wherein the balconies and decks have simply collapsed. Well, the only way to prevent such injuries and mishaps taking place in the near future is to figure out how to make your home safe and secure. You should have a closer look at your home to understand the major changes required to be done to ensure that if offers safety for you and your family members.

Safety of deck and balcony

When considering the balcony and deck area, you should not install heave materials like spas on the balcony or deck. If you are unsure that it cannot withstand the additional load, you should simply avoid it. Moving, jumping and dancing excessively on these areas should be avoided unless the areas have the ability to withstand the load. These areas begin to deteriorate with age and hence the load withstanding capability also gets reduced with time. The best solution for such concerns is installing stainless steel balustrading Melbourne. However, it is best not to climb or sit on it to avoid accidents and injuries.

Ensure child safety features for balcony

Children should be constantly monitored when they are near balcony and deck areas. It requires a few changes in addition to supervision. Avoid leaving anything that can provoke your child to climb the balconies like a chair, stool or ladder. If you already have stainless steel balustrade structures for your balcony, you can be rest assured that it will protect your balcony from collapsing. However, children should not tamper them for safety concerns. The outdoor furniture and other objects that help in climbing should be kept out of sight from children. Ensure that the doors that lead to balconies and deck areas have high latches and self closing units. As far as windows are concerned, avoid flying screens or unsafe grade glass to prevent the opening of windows.

General maintenance of balcony

Do not wet the balcony and deck on a frequent basis. Instead of wetting, you can try sweeping or dusting these areas. If the areas get wet, you need to ensure that there is adequate ventilation for quick drying. If you have potted plants, it is best to place them on trays. This way, you can avoid them from overflowing. Get rid of plants and shrubs that shade the balcony and deck area. The finishing should be applied regularly for that new and cleaner look.


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