What Are The Best Grass Types For The Shade?

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The name shade grass is a term that is given to any kind of grass or a mixture of different types of grass that can thrive well in the shade. The amount of shade can go anywhere from being for a couple of hours a day to being completely in the shade all day, every day. There are varieties of grass that can successfully grow and be verdant in the shade while others will simply perish under the lack of sunlight. Here are some of the best options of shade grasses for your lawn if you feel that you will be in the shade quite a bit.

Endophyte Grass and Fescues

Fescue grasses have the singular ability to host endophytes which are a kind of grass fungus that is capable of living in a symbiotic relationship with the plant. These endophytes do not bring any harm to the grass and in fact guard them against many stressful conditions and even pests most of the time. Depending on where your home is you could get some landscapers Wahroonga to try planting these Fescues in with the endophyte inoculated seeds so that your lawn has a better chance of survival as well.

Shade Grass for the Warm Seasons

The best grass that is renowned for being able to grow in the shade during the warm seasons is St Augustine Grass however, this variety cannot be bought in stores in the form of seeds. The best way to plant this is as sod. Zoysia and Centipede are other varieties of shade grasses that will do really well during the warmer climates. It is possible though that the survival of these types of grasses are impacted by the area that you live in because they might be sensitive to different climate zones. Be sure to check on that too.

If You Are To Grow Under a Tree with Canopy

The grass if it is grown under a tree with a heavy canopy will actually have a bit of competition to face. They will not just be in lack of sunlight but also will have to fight for other nutrients like water and minerals as well. In such cases you will need to make sure that the soil is fertile enough that it can retain the grass while also catering to the needs of the tree that has grown there. You will need to provide regular amounts of water and fertilizer while also doing a bit of pruning on the tree so that the grass underneath gets at least a little bit of sunlight.

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