What Can You Do To Keep Your Dog Warm During This Season

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Many of us love the winter season because it gives us a reason to wear sweaters. Furthermore, you can also eat any hearty dish that you like. You can always claim that you are doing this in order to build up some insulation. Furthermore, when you count all the parties and sales there is no reason to hate this season. However, what we fail to realize is that this season can be considerably difficult for dogs. That is because they are not equipped to handle this cold. It is not like they can wear bulky sweaters to ward off the cold. Therefore, in that case, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that they are kept warm.

Give them a Sweater

The dogs like German Shepards may be able to ward off the cold to a certain extent. That is because they have long fur to insulate them. However, this is not the case when it comes to puppies and those with short hair. Even though you may have hydronic heating geelong it would not provide a solution when they have to go home. You may attempt to keep them indoors as much as possible during this season. But they have to go outside for their bathroom breaks. In that case what you can do is get them to wear a sweater. We are not talking about one of your old sweaters. Instead, there are sweaters that have been created especially for dogs. However, you need to understand that not all dogs would take up this idea. Therefore you need to be patient and incorporate this item slowly.

Give Them Boots

As I mentioned earlier sweaters are normally given to dogs in order to keep them warm. But something that we are failing to take into consideration is their paws. When they walk on the ice can chip their paws. This can, therefore, cause them injuries. Furthermore, sharp icicles can also pierce their paws. Thus, that is why we recommend that you buy them some boots. There are boots especially made for all dog breeds. Therefore you should make sure to find your pet one that fits them. However, we understand that some dogs would not like this idea. Therefore no matter how much you try they will simply refuse to wear them. In that case, what you can do is wash their paws after every time they go outside. Then they will not lick it and ingest dirty water.

Every pet owner needs to understand that the winter season is not friendly towards dogs. Therefore they need to take every measure to protect their pets.

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